If you've been apartment shopping for a while, you may be pleasantly surprised when you give us a call. You see, we take customer service quite seriously. We genuinely like our clients and feel that being courteous, honest and helpful is the very least we can do for them.

Let's be specific:

  • As opposed to simply "shoehorning" you into whatever apartments are available, we'll carefully listen when you describe your apartment needs and then make suggestions based on those specific needs.
  • If we don't have the right apartment for you now, we'll do our homework and follow up with you --- again and again if necessary --- until we find the one that works for you.
  • We'll give you honest apartment descriptions. For example, if we have a lovely apartment, but its a bit small or not very bright, we'll tell you that. Heck, you're going to find out anyway!
  • We enjoy showing apartments and will join you on each visit --- we will not "ship" you off with others or send you alone with a bag of keys.
  • If you choose to apply for an apartment, we will walk you through the application process from A to Z. Later, we will make sure that your apartment is properly prepared for move-in.
  • Even after you've moved in, if a question or problem arises, we'll be there to help you out and, if necessary, contact your landlord.

In short, you'll find all of us at Fireside Realty to be friendly and ready to help you. That may sound a bit clichéd, but for us, it's been the way we've done business from day one.