Our philosophy is really quite simple: work for your client with honesty, integrity and care. It's the only way to be successful over the long run. Being heavy-handed, manipulative and misleading is not only unethical, it's counterproductive, and certainly no way to grow a business.

We have quality, well priced apartments in great neighborhoods --- we don't need blue smoke and mirrors to rent them! All we really have to do is carefully listen to your needs and then find a suitable apartment to match those needs.

It's really that simple. No bogus ads. No browbeating. No misleading descriptions. No key apartment information omitted. No promoting apartments way out of your price range. No showing apartments completely different from what you requested. No outrageous credit check charges. No "surprises" revealed after your money has been taken. Etc., etc. These and similar practices are dead wrong and have no place in our profession.

When you call Fireside you're going to speak to a sincere and friendly agent who will work hard for you. Click on "Our Agents" for further details on this. This is not just "noble talk" to fill up a page on a web site. It's been our driving philosophy and business practice since the day we opened thirteen years ago. It's something we're proud of.